SEO Packages

SEo costs explainedOur digital team are knowledgeable in both off-site and on-site SEO techniques and can competently increase your website’s ranking over time.

To start, we will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website to identify areas for improvement and then create a strategy that will increase your web exposure.

We provide monthly overview reports detailing the progress of our SEO activities, the current traffic volumes and your website ranking in all major search engines.

As an integrated marketing agency, our approach to SEO is holistic and considers all other active offline and online marketing activities to complement our techniques. More specifically, we access and optimise all elements that contribute to a website’s search engine visibility, including website structure, link building, content, usability and design – all are as vital in contributing to good SEO as each other.

What does SEO Cost?

SEO Agencies are particularly unhelpful when it comes to accurately costing an SEO campaign in terms of money and time. They will tell you that all campaigns and client requirements vary so much that an instant price is impossible and that lead times can vary.

Two websites explain the true costs of SEO one is Vanilla Circus the other is GVATE in the US.

However, this is not true. Although SEO campaigns do differ in scope and content, the actual online marketing tools and the medium (internet) remain the same.

What dictates SEO COST

  1. Number of businesses competing for the same keyword
  2. Size of the market and that of the competition
  3. Number of internet users searching for the service or product
  4. An SEO Company’s fee